From Foreign Fuels to Biofuels

How the Military is Helping to Lead the Transition

In June, a Gulfstream G450 made the first trans-Atlantic flight powered by biofuel. Two weeks later international aviation regulators approved commercial use of renewable fuel. On Labor Day, one of the pilots on the Blue Angels team performed in a plane with a 50 percent biofuel mix. In addition, Forbes Magazine has reported that “aviation could be the first global industry to kick fossil fuel addiction.”

The Blue Angels’ demonstration is particularly important because the Department of Defense (DoD) has taken a lead role in transitioning from being one

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Paradise in Progress

An Untold Story About Building Downtown San Diego

The year was 1999, The San Diego Convention Center Expansion was underway, and planning for Petco Park and the 26-block redevelopment area surrounding it was in full swing. There were 30 projects in progress and more than 100 on the drawing boards, including high rise condominiums, water and sewer pipelines, road-way improvements, hotels. Concern was brewing. How could downtown businesses, residents and the all-important visitors navigate a downtown that everyone feared would be torn apart by construction?

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