Boosting Clean Tech Development and Implementation

Air2Air Mag15 Boosting Clean Tech 201305California’s push to be an international leader in the development of clean technology will soon receive a boost from two new sources of funding:

  • New tax revenues generated by Proposition 39 (2012) and
  • The auction of carbon credits called for by the implementation of the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.

Let’s review each of these in detail.

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The Dynamics of San Diego’s Water Supply

Air2Air Mag14 Dynamices of Water 201301With water being an increasingly precious commodity in San Diego, as well as all over the world, understanding the dynamics of water supply is critical.

For starters, San Diego has three primary sources of water (2011 statistics):

  • 30 percent is imported from the Sacramento San Joaquin Bay Delta
  • 54 percent is imported from the Colorado River
  • 16 percent is from local sources

Some factoids of interest include:

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