Boosting Clean Tech Development and Implementation

Air2Air Mag15 Boosting Clean Tech 201305California’s push to be an international leader in the development of clean technology will soon receive a boost from two new sources of funding:

  • New tax revenues generated by Proposition 39 (2012) and
  • The auction of carbon credits called for by the implementation of the Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006.

Let’s review each of these in detail.

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Strategic Alliance Formed with Clean Tech Advocates




February 1, 2013

Nettleton Strategies today announced the firm has formed a strategic alliance with Clean Tech Advocates, a new Sacramento-based government affairs firm focused on “collaborating with other clean technology pioneers, innovators and environmental policy-shapers for the greater good of California.”

According to Nettleton Strategies President Carl Nettleton, the alliance brings his firm a stellar resource for connecting clients with the state’s regulatory, legislative and funding initiatives related to clean technology.

“Clean Tech Advocates expertise and relationships provide access and insight at every level of state government,” Nettleton said.  Clean Tech Advocates principals include:

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From Foreign Fuels to Biofuels

How the Military is Helping to Lead the Transition

In June, a Gulfstream G450 made the first trans-Atlantic flight powered by biofuel. Two weeks later international aviation regulators approved commercial use of renewable fuel. On Labor Day, one of the pilots on the Blue Angels team performed in a plane with a 50 percent biofuel mix. In addition, Forbes Magazine has reported that “aviation could be the first global industry to kick fossil fuel addiction.”

The Blue Angels’ demonstration is particularly important because the Department of Defense (DoD) has taken a lead role in transitioning from being one

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