Nettleton Earns “Best of Show” for Magazine Writing in Press Club’s Excellence in Journalism Awards


San Diego Press Club Executive Director Terry Williams presents Carl Nettleton with the best magazine story award in the environment category that also won best in show for all magazine stories in this 2017’s Excellence in Journalism competition.

Never having entered a writing competition before, even though I have been writing since high school (sports editor at La Jolla High and correspondent for the La Jolla Light while a student), I was surprised and honored that the San Diego Press Club honored me with two Excellence in Journalism awards for a story I wrote for Fortune in July 2016.

I entered the competition on a lark, thinking I might take third place in a category. Instead I was surprised and honored for the best environmental writing in a magazine and for “Best in Show” for more than thirty categories of magazine writing.

The awards were both based on a July 26, 2016, article in Fortune, “What the U.S. Presidential Candidates Are Missing in the Immigration Debate.” The story examined the role that climate change and drought will play in civil unrest and the development of factions like ISIS using the Syrian drought and conflict as an example.

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